2022/23 Super Card - Mobile



Product Description

3 Free Days: Your 1st, 4th, and 7th visits are free and can be redeemed at either Banff Sunshine Village, Jasper’s Marmot Basin, or Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

1 Bonus Free Day: Your Card entitles you to 1 Bonus Free Day at either WinSport, Snow Valley, or Rabbit Hill Ski Resort.

Additional Savings on all other visits to Banff Sunshine Village:
$50 OFF! Ski for as low as $106.00+GST for Adults and $70.00+GST for Seniors & Youth in November and May*, and Midweek days* (Monday through Thursday) at Sunshine Village. $30 OFF! Ski for as little as $126.00+GST for Adults and $90.00+GST for Seniors & Youth on weekends. *Midweek $30 OFF Discount Days apply on the following midweek dates December 26 to 30, 2022; February 17 & 20, 2023; March 27 to 31, 2023; April 7 & 10, 2023; May 22, 2023. Every time you use your card at Sunshine Village, you receive at least a $30 OFF the $156.00+GST price.

Additional Savings on Visits at our Partner Resorts:
Additional Discounts and Special Cardholder Savings at Participating Super Card Partners.

Visit www.skibanff.com/card for full details on the Card benefits listed above. Card benefits, resort and partner offers are subject to changes, blackout dates, and updates at any time.

Please Note: The brand new Ski Banff App is now available. The code above will not work with previous versions of the app, but will work with the new version of the app. Be sure to download the latest version to input your Mobile Sunshine Super Card code for the 2022/23 Ski & Snowboard Season.

You must have the Ski Banff app installed on your mobile device to use the Mobile Sunshine Super Card.
Your Mobile Super Card is automatically activated and registered after you purchase it, complete the Waiver & Billing Agreement, and provide your contact details and credit card information.
Cards must be activated at least 24 hours prior to use to access free days and additional savings.
Registered Cards are entered for a chance to win 2023 Salomon gear.

Mobile Super Card holders (ages 13+) are able to skip the ticket line and go directly to the Banff Sunshine Village Gondola by completing an online waiver and billing agreement, and providing a valid credit card, passholder photo and contact information at the time of purchase.
After your purchase, we will send you the details via email with documents to complete and instructions on how to receive and download your Mobile Card.
Your credit card information can be changed or updated at the Banff Sunshine Ski and Snowboard Resort or at our Calgary Snow Central Sales Office (1037 11 Ave SW), or by calling 1-87-SKI-BANFF.

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